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Seal of Approval [Feb. 10th, 2006|04:54 pm]
The Unofficial Sea Shepherd Community


Here is some more specific information about the Canadian Seafood Boycott. Please make sure to pass it on to anyone who will listen:


Here is a petition against the seal hunt. Please print it off and get it signed!


Note: The Prime Minister of Canada is no longer Paul Martin... it is now Stephen Harper. I'm not sure about the Minister of Fisheries. So please change that info on the sheets.

From: iriswills
2006-04-03 10:07 pm (UTC)


so you really can't read then. Why do you keep proving all of my points about you being a complete mental retard?

I'm not American. I'm Canadian...as I mentioned before. But you guys don't care about the rest of Canada. You like being isolated hicks.

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