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Seal of Approval - FOR THE WHALES [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Seal of Approval [Feb. 10th, 2006|04:54 pm]
The Unofficial Sea Shepherd Community


Here is some more specific information about the Canadian Seafood Boycott. Please make sure to pass it on to anyone who will listen:


Here is a petition against the seal hunt. Please print it off and get it signed!


Note: The Prime Minister of Canada is no longer Paul Martin... it is now Stephen Harper. I'm not sure about the Minister of Fisheries. So please change that info on the sheets.

From: iriswills
2006-03-31 10:00 pm (UTC)

wow part 2...

5. "cape breton and newfoundland would be no mans land"
So if the seal hunt ever has to end (naturally or politically) then the people of cape breton and newfoundland are just going to self-destruct or up and die? I mean, think about how that makes you sound... if the seal hunt ends, is that it? Do you all just die? or give up? I'm serious. Do you guys not have ambition, or you know, a will to survive? Doesn't the fact that when the seal hunt ends, your way of life, your lives in general, end too, doesn't that depress you?

6."but yea, just go to the super market and buy ur food"
Being responsible is boring and fucking hard. But if everyone stopped eating SO much meat, and stopped using resources SO fast...I could relax a bit more. I actually don't have a problem if we farm for beef, or chicken or whatever because "loving animals" is not my reason for not eating meat. My problem is the fact that there are a handful of mega-corporations setting up shop, screwing over the "little people" (the people that farmers, and sealers claim to be fighting for)...and these mega-factory chop shops are polluting our very own drinking water to the point where I'm living on gross bottled water so I don't get some horrible disease...

Whatever, what is so wrong with wanting to live a good, clean, healthy life? The earth isn't so weak that humans will ever destroy it completely (we're cockroaches that find a way out of any of the messes we create), but life is really going to suck in a few years...food is going to taste like shit, our water is going to be imported from some other country, and we'll have no breathable air...that's depressing and gross. So excuse me for actually caring about REAL food, and REAL water, and ACTUAL CLEAN AIR.

Why did you bring up food in the first place though? Do you eat seals now too? That's smart. Get dependent on seal burgers, just like you guys got hooked on fish... oh yeah, what fish? hahahahaha. You guys are so FUCKED!! And I'm loving every minute of it... because while I'm actually doing okay without a major dependence on the environment, you guys are miserable in your gluttony.
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