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Seal of Approval [Feb. 10th, 2006|04:54 pm]
The Unofficial Sea Shepherd Community


Here is some more specific information about the Canadian Seafood Boycott. Please make sure to pass it on to anyone who will listen:


Here is a petition against the seal hunt. Please print it off and get it signed!


Note: The Prime Minister of Canada is no longer Paul Martin... it is now Stephen Harper. I'm not sure about the Minister of Fisheries. So please change that info on the sheets.

[User Picture]From: arcowilde
2006-03-24 11:58 pm (UTC)
Speaking of getting facts right:

- Brutally slaughtering seals is not the only option for sealers. There are humane ways to harvest seal fur but they refuse. There have also been attempts made to bring some other kind of industry into the maritimes but the sealers are too stubborn and bloodthirsty to accept help (and before you freak out on me, look into Paul Watson's trip to the Magdalene Islands in 1995). Another fact is that most of the money that is made from sealing doesn't even go to the sealers, it goes to the big companies (most of which are based in Norway).

- If you think that this issue is only about people living in the maritimes you're completely dillusional. The last time I checked the maritimes were a part of a country called Canada and seals are a part of the environment as a whole. As a Canadian I don't appreciate being represented by a bunch of drunken idiots acting in a disgusting way, and I also don't appreciate watching my government lie to cover the asses of a bunch of people who refuse to change their ways. As a part of the larger environment it is completely my business that seals are being slaughtered at a rate that will soon make them extinct. At this point I actually hope that they do go extinct so that you and your asshole sealer friends won't have anything to kill and then maybe when your need to brutally attack something gets too great you'll turn on each other.

- I know what respect is, but you have to earn it. I'm not going to respect someone for acting like a complete fucking idiot. I'm not going to respect a group of people that is cruel and ignorant. And what happened to respect for the seals? Maybe you should learn to stop being so ignorant.

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