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Seal of Approval [Feb. 10th, 2006|04:54 pm]
The Unofficial Sea Shepherd Community


Here is some more specific information about the Canadian Seafood Boycott. Please make sure to pass it on to anyone who will listen:


Here is a petition against the seal hunt. Please print it off and get it signed!


Note: The Prime Minister of Canada is no longer Paul Martin... it is now Stephen Harper. I'm not sure about the Minister of Fisheries. So please change that info on the sheets.

[User Picture]From: jh0n
2006-03-23 08:22 pm (UTC)
get your fucking facts right if your going to try and ruin ppls lively hoods.
u ppl piss me off
you dont even know the name of the Minister of Fisheries
yours butting into someones matter because you got nothing better to do
learn some respect
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[User Picture]From: arcowilde
2006-03-24 11:58 pm (UTC)
Speaking of getting facts right:

- Brutally slaughtering seals is not the only option for sealers. There are humane ways to harvest seal fur but they refuse. There have also been attempts made to bring some other kind of industry into the maritimes but the sealers are too stubborn and bloodthirsty to accept help (and before you freak out on me, look into Paul Watson's trip to the Magdalene Islands in 1995). Another fact is that most of the money that is made from sealing doesn't even go to the sealers, it goes to the big companies (most of which are based in Norway).

- If you think that this issue is only about people living in the maritimes you're completely dillusional. The last time I checked the maritimes were a part of a country called Canada and seals are a part of the environment as a whole. As a Canadian I don't appreciate being represented by a bunch of drunken idiots acting in a disgusting way, and I also don't appreciate watching my government lie to cover the asses of a bunch of people who refuse to change their ways. As a part of the larger environment it is completely my business that seals are being slaughtered at a rate that will soon make them extinct. At this point I actually hope that they do go extinct so that you and your asshole sealer friends won't have anything to kill and then maybe when your need to brutally attack something gets too great you'll turn on each other.

- I know what respect is, but you have to earn it. I'm not going to respect someone for acting like a complete fucking idiot. I'm not going to respect a group of people that is cruel and ignorant. And what happened to respect for the seals? Maybe you should learn to stop being so ignorant.

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[User Picture]From: nowah
2007-03-31 02:44 pm (UTC)
learn how to spell before you get on a pedestal and try to educate people about something you know nothing about
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[User Picture]From: arcowilde
2007-03-31 03:57 pm (UTC)
hahahaha! I think there should be a new law stating that people who are morons shouldn't be allowed to state their opinions to anyone... and we can judge who the morons are by their horrible spelling and their incessant demands for respect. Who's with me?!
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[User Picture]From: jh0n
2006-03-27 12:18 pm (UTC)
then y dont ppl attack the dear hunt or some shit like that. where i live.. cape breton, nova scotia. there is almost no deer left around. but ppl are still hunting them. but the seals. there are over 30 000 of these little shits out there and the only reason you and other protest the seal hunt is well. becasue the seals are pretty are something. and please explain this humane way of haresting seals. do u want us to farm seals like cows or pigs. then hang the seal upside done and cut its throwt. yea im pretty sure a quick death is probably best. and that thing about most of the money going to big companies. well that is true. but the money the sealers make themselfs they need. cape breton and newfoundland would be no mans land(not that there not right now) with out sealing. but yea, just go to the super market and buy ur food. because i think i might start protesting that... not. i got better things to do
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From: iriswills
2006-03-31 09:59 pm (UTC)


1. "then y dont ppl attack the dear hunt or some shit like that"

who says that people who "attack" the seal hunt, don't attack the deer hunt. (nice spelling by the way...I'm not sure if you understand the concept of argumentation. If you want to educate someone of something then you need to sound educated yourself. I can't begin to accept your side of the argument if you can't even present your argument in a sensible and logical way. But you don't care about creating a convincing or logical argument, based on facts, because it's too easy accepting your way of life as it is. Have a good life and die knowing that you changed nothing, did nothing, and were nothing.)

2. "there is almost no deer left around. but ppl are still hunting them."

Are you lamenting the fact that you have no deer left to kill? There are a lot of people around left for me to kill, and I would kill you all if I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in jail, but you don't see me running around killing for no good reason. I mean, I might understand if the seal hunt was lucrative (then I could chalk seal killing up to greed), but the sealers would probably make more money (with better benefits) by working at McDonalds. Really this boils down to some sort of half-assed pride. The sealers are too proud to work at a normal 9 to 5 job and derive some pseudo-nobility from killing passive little furry blobs. I would actually be more understanding if the sealers were more blase about killing but they genuinely just do it for blood. Why don't they all just come to Alberta and rape the land of some natural resources...at least then I will only be able to accuse the workers of being short-sighted about environmental consequences, and not of being psychotic bloodthirsty morons.

3. "the only reason you and other protest the seal hunt is well. becasue the seals are pretty are something."
That argument works for me because if a person shouldn't kill seals because they are "pretty" then, by default, a person shouldn't kill humans based on looks...in other words, ugly things should die, right? Well, start running cuz I'm sure you're not very pretty...

4. "explain this humane way of haresting seals."
Do your research. Would you believe their are methods that don't even involve killing? Oh, but that isn't an option for the sealers is it? They like killing don't they. Please read Neil Gaiman's short story "Babycakes". If you do one thing in your life, read that story. It's not environmental mumbo-jumbo. I'm not sure it was evn written with the enviroment in mind. It's just a story. You can read can't you? Or do they not have books in Nova Scotia? Do you guys have book burnings? Are you not even allowed to have your own opinions? I'm not sure I'm even being sarcastic. I really wonder about the state of the east coast.


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From: iriswills
2006-03-31 10:00 pm (UTC)

wow part 2...

5. "cape breton and newfoundland would be no mans land"
So if the seal hunt ever has to end (naturally or politically) then the people of cape breton and newfoundland are just going to self-destruct or up and die? I mean, think about how that makes you sound... if the seal hunt ends, is that it? Do you all just die? or give up? I'm serious. Do you guys not have ambition, or you know, a will to survive? Doesn't the fact that when the seal hunt ends, your way of life, your lives in general, end too, doesn't that depress you?

6."but yea, just go to the super market and buy ur food"
Being responsible is boring and fucking hard. But if everyone stopped eating SO much meat, and stopped using resources SO fast...I could relax a bit more. I actually don't have a problem if we farm for beef, or chicken or whatever because "loving animals" is not my reason for not eating meat. My problem is the fact that there are a handful of mega-corporations setting up shop, screwing over the "little people" (the people that farmers, and sealers claim to be fighting for)...and these mega-factory chop shops are polluting our very own drinking water to the point where I'm living on gross bottled water so I don't get some horrible disease...

Whatever, what is so wrong with wanting to live a good, clean, healthy life? The earth isn't so weak that humans will ever destroy it completely (we're cockroaches that find a way out of any of the messes we create), but life is really going to suck in a few years...food is going to taste like shit, our water is going to be imported from some other country, and we'll have no breathable air...that's depressing and gross. So excuse me for actually caring about REAL food, and REAL water, and ACTUAL CLEAN AIR.

Why did you bring up food in the first place though? Do you eat seals now too? That's smart. Get dependent on seal burgers, just like you guys got hooked on fish... oh yeah, what fish? hahahahaha. You guys are so FUCKED!! And I'm loving every minute of it... because while I'm actually doing okay without a major dependence on the environment, you guys are miserable in your gluttony.
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[User Picture]From: jh0n
2006-04-01 09:56 pm (UTC)
oh i am so damn miserable. my life is actully just fine. and in about 20 mins im heading out to margree. thats a place in cape breton. and when up there ill kill a seal for you. how about that. and im so very sorry if i can present my argument or spell or something. because this is a very high form of arguing. becasue u know this is a blog site.so sorry i cant spell. but to the point i know ppl who eat seal. and if you would fuckin think for a mintue. you could go get educated of out migration. this is when ppl cant survive in the place they live so masses of ppl move to other places. so in other words
us drunken sealers are all headed ur way. make a place on ur floor for me little bitch.
and that imported water bullshit. theres a huge fresh water lake outside of where i live. and in those future years canada will be the bigest supplyer of water in the world. but i can see ur from the states. so fuck you bush. go fight over shit your own leader does.
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From: iriswills
2006-04-03 10:07 pm (UTC)


so you really can't read then. Why do you keep proving all of my points about you being a complete mental retard?

I'm not American. I'm Canadian...as I mentioned before. But you guys don't care about the rest of Canada. You like being isolated hicks.

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[User Picture]From: jh0n
2006-04-05 08:13 pm (UTC)
oh u got us. were all isolated hicks.
and were all drunken sealers
ur a fucking pigheaded bitch
the only thing you can find wrong with what i say is a few spelling mistakes.
and please copy and paste the part where you mentioned u were from canada.
or can you even read english.
here, go to www.freetranslations.com and put the translation for
english to asshole

PS. and reading back for a second. the east coast of canada was where we all first seteled. So if your not American, you must be hocked a fish too.
oh wait sorry, you cant read. my bad
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[User Picture]From: arcowilde
2006-04-06 01:29 am (UTC)
Actually there is much more wrong with your posts than just your spelling: your logic, your irrationality, your lack of facts, your inability to make a convincing argument (you're not arguing, you're just name-calling).

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